Getting It Done

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Our session at MTEX 18: Getting It Done

The Space Indent team will be at the Marketing Technology Expo 2018 in March. Michael Wawra will be talking about how to get your digital projects shipped in theatre 23 at 3:30pm, 21st March. Or you can visit our team on booth 510, just be the main entrance.

It doesn’t matter if you have an inhouse team or use agencies to get your projects shipped, but it does matter how you do it. We’ll be looking at everything from the way you collaborate and share responsibilities, testing, and when to put your new product live.

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Theatre 23 at 3:30pm, 21st March. Or visit our us on booth 510

We love to share specific, actionable advice, so if you’re planning a new project why not come to our session and we can help transform your current and future projects:

  • How is your team getting along? We going to look at the issues of a team that builds you project in isolation. How and why this causes issues with functionality and quality. How can you pull together as a single team and make sure you build the right thing? We’ll talk about team structures, communication, and dynamics.

  • How should you manage the goals and KPIs for your project? No project is given the green-light without a commitment to deliver results. But digital projects are never ‘fire and forget’. Kicking off the project and hoping it meets its goals will seldom deliver results. We’ll talk about how to keep track of these goals, and make sure you exceed your KPIs.

  • Who decides what to build? Most digital projects start off with a solution in mind, but we often find that not the answer. By starting of with a goal, rather than a solution, there is often a better path to success. By talking to your users we can usually find a way of meeting their needs much quicker and cheaper than originally planned.

  • What can you build? The world of technology has transformed over the last few years. We can do things now for a few pennies that would have been major undertakings only a few years ago. We’ll look at how to change your approach from solution driven to outcome driven, and find the opportunities to really make your project a success.

Our founder, Michael, will be on stage at 3:30pm, ready to help you with your next, current, and last digital project. If you can’t make the session, come by booth 510 and we’re happy to help you in any way we can!