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About us

At Space Indent we are dedicated to doing more with software. Whatever your needs, we can help you find the rightsolution. We firmly believe in reusing existing software wherever possible and building new software when we must. Above all, we think the most important person is your customer and we’ll do everything we can to help you create the best possible experience for them.

What we do

Our focus is on helping you create the best experiences for your customers. That includes building new solutions, enhancing existing ones, as well as helping you retire old software. Often your staff and customers find ways to get things done and sometimes the right thing to do is simply to embrace these processes. Some of the services we provide are:

Website Design and Development

If you need a new website, then we can help. Our services include advisory and support with DIY website hosting such as Squarespace and WIX, through to installation of CMS software such as Sitecore, and development of bespoke software. We’re here to help you understand your users’ needs, design, build, populate and run the site - all along working with you to make sense of analytics of user behaviour.

Service Design and Development

If you need internal applications built for your staff or a specific group of users, we can help. For example, we can automate labour-intensive processes and help you integrate multiple systems to improve efficiency.

Digital Transformation

If you need to move areas of your business online or update processes to drive efficiency and performance, we can help. This may be as simple as getting two systems to work together, or replacing a spreadsheet with another off-the-shelf product. If you need to change, talk to us.

Data Science and Data Handling

Making sense of all of your data can be hard. At Space Indent we believe that the answers to most of your questions can already be found in your data - if you know where to look. By analysing all of your existing information holistically we can help you build business intelligence and management information dashboards, and extract actionable data to help you create better experiences for your customers. If you have a lot of data, in a lot of places, let us give you lots of help!

Developer Outreach and Marketing

We also build APIs and have years of experience taking them out in to the market to get dedicated developer feedback in a cost-efficient way. Don’t take the risk of a big-bang launch - we can help you test and refine your API before it becomes too expensive to change.

Project Review and Project Rescue

If you already have a project underway or even in the planning stages, we can help you by auditing its progress. By reviewing your aims and progress, we can help you understand how your project is evolving and help steer it towards success. If your project is already well underway but coming off the rails, we can help you work through the issues and bring it back on track. Simply drop us a line and we’ll come right over to talk it through.

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We believe in working collaboratively, as a single team with our clients

How we do it

First and foremost, we’re a project agency. We don’t just design a website or build a CMS. We work with you to deliver a project - even if we only take on a small role, we want to be there from start to finish. Our projects run over five phases:


First we research users’ needs for the project and how to measure and track success through KPIs.


We create an initial prototype, either on paper, whiteboards or a simple webpage. We will use it to test the design and check with users that it meets their needs.


We then build a working version of the website or service that can be placed into the hands of users. We’ll use this to iterate on feedback against the KPIs to keep the product on track.


We launch the beta as a working, evolving product. We like to keep coming back to the KPIs and help you make sure the product delivers.


All digital projects have an end, and we want to be there to support you when the time comes to shutter the service. We will help you handle the data in compliance with GDPR and migrate to a new service? For us, planning for retiring a product isn’t an afterthought, it is part of delivering excellent customer experience.

If you’d like to talk to us about your next digital project or your current projects, we’d love to hear from you.